Offering you many ways to contact me makes communication easy and seamless as long as you understand that I also ask for some basic respectful practices. My preferred method of booking is for you to fill out the contact form completely (yes, completely).  I will graciously return your request in your desired method that is included with your booking.  Please refrain from using any explicit language in all of our dialogues to ensure the safety of both of us.  If communicating via phone/text please be concise and know the reason for your contact.  Also, please understand that I am an independent provider meaning that I return all contact myself.  Because of this it may take me a little time to get back to you but know that I will as soon as humanly possible.

Please respect my business and do not negotiate its terms.  My rates are reasonable and in-line with my offerings.  Also, you should know that I'm a busy person and also have a personal life.  Please respect the time I give you by refraining from obsessive contacting with no regards to an appointment.  I want to get to know you as much as you want to know me, but I also need to have time to my friends, family, and self. 

Screening Information

As you will see on the contact form I ask for some basic information about you.  Essentially, I need to verify your identity in some way in order to offer a safe environment.  Please include this information with your request.  If for some reason you cannot, please leave a detailed explanation with alternative verification.  I am first time friendly and understand that you may not have references or forum handles.  I gladly accept linked in and photo ID's as well.  Any information you choose to include will of course remain between us with no exception.  This helps me offer to you the best of my abilities, free from worry.


Upon your arrival please have the full amount of the desired length of appointment.  Have this enclosed in some way or another such as a envelope, card, book, etc.  That way we get it out of the way and move straight into the fun part.