The woman behind the wolf…

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Run wild. Let your inhibitions go.

You may be nervous to enter the unknown or maybe you’re the type to charge at it with a ferocious appetite.  Perhaps this isn’t unknown at all but something familiar.  Without discrimination I will guide you into a place nostalgic yet unlike anything you've ever known.  I will bring you comfort and at the same time usher you into new worlds. Always leaving you with a yearning for more.  You will find a new appetite to explore the depths of your lusts, and I will be there with every stride. I take great pride in my meetings and want nothing more than to give you the experience of your dreams. Expectations are just a bare minimal goal and hopefully by the end of our meeting I will have shown you something truly exciting.

Agile and fit, I stand 5'8", 130 lbs.   Elegantly shaped 34C-26-34, youthful but wise.  Traveled, educated, well-read.  Let my mind mesmerize as an equal to my body.  Sensual, passionate, genuine.  The ultimate TS experience.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in the Arts and to this day enjoy what they have to offer. Embodying this idea, I will show you a work of art personified. Every motion intentionally part of the whole experience. You will become the artist and I the muse. Together we will create a masterpiece.

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