I have been very fortunate to meet some amazing, beautiful people during my time as a provider.  In fact, I have been so lucky that I can offer to you a date with any one of the following people.  With a little extra planning this can be a lovely treat for all involved.  

korinne kaiser.PNG

Korinne Kaizer

Undeniably gorgeous, unbeatable reputation, and long time friend. 

abbi minx.PNG

Abbi Minx

The fountain of youth.  Playful hedonist by nature.

aria hawthorne.PNG

Aria Hawthorne

Both intellectually and passionately decadent.  Truly unique and one of my biggest crushes.

rococo royalle.PNG

Rococo Royalle

Kinky and wild.  Video producer and perfomer.

chanelle cheri.PNG

Chanelle Cheri

Curvaceous babe with an intuition that will map your greatest desires. 

Vivian Hetaira

Genuine passion and an experienced, long time provider.  One of the best there is